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Don’t Talk to Him

Jun 2019

Ep. 15 - Riding on Bikes with Speakers

Chris Bazemore is our super-late guest today but it turns out p good and hope u are taking care ~

Jun 2019

Ep. 14 - The Scorpion and the Spider

Joey and Max get zinged, and hard. NSFW!!!!

Jun 2019

Ep. 13 - Tall Dads Are Good

Colin Hanna joins us today for an important episode in which we tackle Joey's darkest demons: his dad and his mom not accepting that each is Joey's parent, or that he said each was cute.

Listen to find out if they kiss.

May 2019

Ep. 12 - LoL ha lol

Our first real guest - Alex Schultz of actually-funny Be Nice to Me Productions - joins us + discusses Garfield, the Titanic, and, like, OKAY, like, weird flex but...yeah! Hehe...hmm...Oh!

May 2019

Ep. 11 - Radio Colin Show

if u were like on a mountain and u could ask one question to the bearded man on top would u be like WHY AM I ON A MOUNTAIN CAN U PLEASE CALL HELP lmfao

May 2019

Ep. 10 - Big Ass Solo Tease

weird, I just searched for "Talking with Gwen" in incognito mode heheh hmmmhmmhmmmm!!1...~

May 2019

Ep. 9 - Arts & Crafts

Have u ever looked @ the stars and ur like "dude this is fric*ed up" and then suddenly u think of ur dad and feel like comforted

Apr 2019

Ep. 8 - Mel Gibson

Today we have Miles on to talk about Brexit, Bing, Garfield, and how he thought of taking on the last name "Per Hour" (like his name is Miles Per Hour (MPH)).

Apr 2019

Ep. 7 - Hawhyyi?

Like literally like WHY like WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS like WHY like - go on - like WHY don't you TELL HIM - mm, go on - like WHY like stop like - MM GO ON

Apr 2019

Ep. 6 - Apple Slaves

Today there are two boys here, and they want to talk to you. Will you talk to Him? Tell Him I'm waiting for Him to say hello.