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Don’t Talk to Him

Oct 2019

Ep. 33 - It’s a Good Podcast

Wow, what a wild week folks. I hope you all take Good Care.

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Oct 2019

Ep. 32 - Smoking WEED, Moron!

Ever heard of it? WEED. W E E D . for more weed. We will mail it to you.

Oct 2019

Ep. 31 - Tyler

Halleow is this Tahler? Can ur mom turn on the internet please

Sep 2019

Ep. 30 - Pork and Mindy

Like Mork and Mindy but he is a Pork. you are please $1 ma'am

Sep 2019

Ep. 29 - Zinging King for extra episodes / content

MPH didn't come so we are in full ZINGING mode today, and we are HAVING AT IT! This is an episode you can enjoy with your family.

Sep 2019

Ep. 28 - The Dolphin of Life for extra content ($1 / month)

Today we have COLIN HANNA, our embedded China reporter, letting us know about the GIANT controversy over white devil comedian Shane Gillis saying "Chink" in a j*ke. Good ep. More of Colin at "what is this even" podcast on iTunes or anywhere else you download pods.

Sep 2019

Ep. 27 - Sleepy Accounting

TOday we learn about accounting and how to succeed, while we're joined by Max's brother Joe.

THanks to our new subscribers at - you all get shoutouts! Take Care!

Sep 2019

Ep. 26 - Bible Exploration for more episodes and content!

Miles is BACK for Bible stories and other important things. Take care.



Aug 2019

Ep. 25 - We’re Gay and $1 for extra episodes + Vore Porn of Joey


This episode we take a few calls and we do our best to take care

Aug 2019

Ep. 24 - A Brisk Winter Morning - $1 / month for free content and eps

In this episode we're like having fun and if U want to have fun then U can have a try ! ~

Releasing early b/c no internet tomorrow b/c massive disaster in Eastern US