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Don’t Talk to Him

Aug 2019

Ep. 24 - A Brisk Winter Morning - $1 / month for free content and eps

In this episode we're like having fun and if U want to have fun then U can have a try ! ~

Releasing early b/c no internet tomorrow b/c massive disaster in Eastern US

Aug 2019

Ep. 23 - High Energy Boys

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Just Joey and Max teaching you about golf analogies for life, how to be strong, how to think about politics, and why you are gay.

Aug 2019

Ep. 22 - Nursing Home Shootings

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TOday we have the cute and brash MPH joining us from ACROSS THE COUNTRY to talk about the Water Master and we also talk about girls we be fucking lately.

Jul 2019

Ep. 21 - Indian Spaghetti

The great Vinny D joins us for a hot ep that you should be paying for. It's free though. 

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Jul 2019

Ep. 20 - Life and Death

This is it, boys: the culmination of all of your support and all of our blood, sweat, and sweet tea(rs). Max explains why he's fearless about death and an overall alpha male, respected by all. Joey explains his new bug pet.

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Jul 2019

Ep. 19 - Tom Myers al-Assad

Special guest comedian Tom Myers of the Politipod Podcast joins us for a hard-hitting interview. 

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Jul 2019

Ep. 18 - Swampy Chinese Penis

And we're BACK and we have Colin Hanna so it's a good ep. Extra episodes at

Jun 2019

Ep. 17 - SP the Ghost

One of the original "Les Hot Boyz", SP the Ghost, is here to talk about eggs. Join the Patreon for Bonus Eps

Jun 2019

Ep. 16 - Birds in a Nest

Picture this: two little birds in a nest having an argument about what to do with the eggs...QUESTION FOR YOU CADET DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT LEAVE THE EGGS TO FORAGE...SIR I STAY WITH MY EGGS IN THE NEST SIR...(COMES CLOSER) WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE THOSE EGGS?!...SIR THOSE EGGS ARE MINE SIR! *kiss*

Jun 2019

Ep. 15 - Riding on Bikes with Speakers

Chris Bazemore is our super-late guest today but it turns out p good and hope u are taking care ~